Issue 2: Stammering Pride

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Stammering pride has emerged as a compelling movement in the cause for self-affirmation, dignity and equality for people who stammer. But what does it mean to be proud of something you associate with struggle and pain?

Dysfluent Issue 2 is a 110+ page compilation of interviews and visual artwork celebrating and challenging stammering pride. Each interview is set in Dysfluent Mono, a font representing the person’s stammer.

Supported by Arts Council England.

Pathways to pride

Patrick Campbell

Sowing seeds of self-compassion

Penny Farrell

The paradox of pride

Jack Nicholas

Stammering freely

Kristel Kubart

Visualising stammering pride

Audra Wolowiec, Paul Aston,
Willemjin Bolks (Just Stutter), JJJJJerome Ellis

What does it mean to overcome?

Ruban Pillai (Stop Holding Back)

Advocating for unity

Puneet Singh Singhal

Getting your voice heard

Maya Chupkov (Proud Stutter)

110-page printed copy. 
Set in Dysfluent Mono by Dysfluent, Ruder Plakat by Lineto and Stratos by Production Type.

Printed edition first published 2023.

ISNN 2977-0297